How to Identify and Cope with Narcissistic Relationships

How to Identify and Cope with Narcissistic Relationships

Both Men and Women Can Find Themselves in a Narcissistic Relationship; Here are Some Ways to Identify and Cope with the Situation

Many of you think you would never be in narcissistic relationships because you are smarter and stronger. Believe it or not, we have all come into contact with people with narcissist personalities. Identifying a narcissist is the first step in protecting yourself. However, there are people in life you cannot avoid even if you were fortunate enough to identify them. Coping with narcissistic people who you have little choice in having them in your life is another issue.

Identifying a Narcissist

Coping with a Narcissist

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist you may have no choice. This is true of a child, employee, family or members of organizations. Identifying the narcissist is the first step in your self-preservation.

Identify your co-dependency, because when you understand that your reactions to narcissists are what gives them power over you.

Set boundaries and stand your ground. Give yourself power instead of giving it up to a narcissist. Do not expect a narcissist to recognize you, your needs and accomplishments, because it is always about them.

When you suffer from a lack of self-confidence, indecision and neediness it sets you up for an unhealthy co-dependent relationship with a narcissist.

Build your own support system of wonderfully helpful people so you do not need the narcissist’s manipulations.

Co-dependency is a Narcissist’s Other Half

Coping with a narcissist is like juggling with fire. You love the feeling of juggling with the bright objects but when the blazing objects in your possession are grabbed by a narcissist someone gets burned.

Self-confidence is built by a healthy life without narcissists. If you were raised by a narcissist parent you are either broken, weak or lack self-confidence because the narcissist parent has made you their puppet or you are a narcissist taught by the best. You have to go out and learn a new normal and break the cycle.

Understand that the narcissist cannot return your affections, conversation, good wishes or gifts in the same way you do. Narcissists only give just enough to squash your hopes of a healthy relationship with them.

Stop the Cycle

In order to break the co-dependent/narcissist cycle, you need to recognize your own worth. Go out and establish relationships with others who value you and what you have to offer. Allow yourself indulgences in normal two-way conversations, accept invitations from others, ensure healthy relationships by skipping the narcissists who are the ultra-charming, putting you under their wing, and insulting "back-handed compliments" types. You deserve better. When you need a little extra help or someone to listen, contact me to begin a new healthy relationship.

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