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Sexual Abuse

Are You Tired of Feeling Afraid and Ashamed?

If you have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse, you may be haunted by your memories. Do you have trouble feeling safe at night? Do you struggle to fall asleep? Has difficulty forming close relationships made you isolate yourself from the rest of the world? After suffering sexual abuse, it is common to feel as though your own body is foreign to you. Perhaps you wish you could feel good about yourself and/or connect with others in open and meaningful ways. Above all, you may long to feel safe, lovable, and whole.

You Can Live in the Present

Sexual abuse can leave physical and emotional wounds and scars that linger even decades after the trauma occurred. Many survivors feel consistently depressed, afraid, and anxious that something in their daily life will trigger a memory. Sometimes survivors feel as though they are abnormal or ruined in some way. Many develop destructive behaviors - like over eating, under eating or self hatred to cope with their feelings of shame, numbness, resentment, and self loathing.

This traumatic violation of trust, especially if the abuse occurred within a family or a close relationship, can make it difficult for survivors to connect with people or to feel as though they are valuable and lovable. If you are a survivor, you might find yourself avoiding interactions and relationships. You might retreat behind a computer or use other distractions rather than taking the risk of opening yourself up to people. As time passes, rather than feeling better, you may feel increasingly alone. But, there are more than 42 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the United States. You are not alone at all.

Sexual Abuse Counseling Can Help You Move Toward Peace and Empowerment

You don't have to feel self loathing and shame for the rest of your life. I have specialized in sexual abuse counseling for 30 years. I have helped sexual abuse survivors learn to trust again. With patience and sensitivity, I can help you open up and clear out the negative memories and feelings swirling through your mind, body, and heart.

Sexual abuse leaves an imprint on the brain. Even if you try to bury your memories, you may find yourself influenced by them in small, daily ways. During sexual abuse counseling sessions, I can guide you through the reprocessing of your trauma. I offer both a peaceful office and an outdoor 'Walk and Talk' therapy. Either option is open to you.

It can be incredibly difficult to talk about sexual abuse. But, once you begin to acknowledge and understand your emotions, you can learn to let go of guilt, anger, and sadness. You don't need to blame yourself or live a life stunted by the pain of the past. Through sexual abuse counseling, I can help you learn to love yourself again.

Although you may be ready to heal, you still may have questions or concerns.

Sexual Abuse Counseling Won't Work for Me

After suffering abuse, it is common to fear that you are permanently damaged. You may believe that you will never have a healthy relationship with yourself or with others. But, you don't have to feel damaged, scared, and alone forever. I can help you develop the skills to form and foster nurturing, supportive relationships. When you let go of self hatred and fear, you can learn to trust and connect.

I am Afraid of Feeling Vulnerable

You may worry that talking about the past will open you up to too much pain. While it can be difficult to begin, I can help you feel safe. It is my job to help you gain the courage to face the past. Once you have worked through painful emotions, it is very possible to move into a new present and a new future.

This Is Just Something I Have to Get Over

Although you may feel that the past is ancient history, your present is now and it is not an isolated event. In our sessions, I can guide you toward acknowledging the ways in which your life may have been impacted or limited by the painful events of your past, even if they occurred years ago. Sexual abuse counseling helps survivors find and reframe their anger and establish healthy boundaries. You needn't feel ashamed of seeking help on your path to healing.

You Can Learn to Trust Again

I have seen sexual abuse counseling change lives. You can move through your suffering and unlock your true potential. Don't hide anymore. With help, it is possible to free yourself from fear, sadness, and anger and enter into a hopeful future.

I invite you to call me at (215) 297-8361 for a free 15-minute phone consultation or email me to learn more about my services.