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Walk and Talk Therapy Sessions

I specialize in a unique form of therapy called Walk and Talk Therapy. This combines traditional talk therapy with the physical exercise of walking. After many years of in-office therapy sessions and being an avid fan of walking, I became passionate about the idea of combining talk therapy with walking. After a very successful Walk and Talk Group with positive feedback from all, I have moved forward to encourage clients to 'get off the couch' and start walking during therapy.

Natural, Holistic Approach

This type of therapy reinforces mental health in a natural, holistic approach that releases endorphins. It helps individuals to open their mind to new possibilities and think more clearly. The natural setting is one conducive to practicing mindfulness and spiritual thinking. Clients find it a healthy approach to fighting isolation, depression and anxiety. It is time to work on issues from a position of health and Walk and Talk therapy reinforces mental health, not mental illness. The setting is in farm country near Doylestown in Pipersville Pennsylvania, where in the midst of talk therapy we will observe the changes of nature and see plenty of deer, fawn and red fox on occasion.

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