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Now Scheduling Online Sessions

Mary is well aware of how busy your schedule can be and how, so often, travel, sick children, caring for an elderly parent, and a host of other obstacles can get in the way of seeking the help you need.

Now more than ever, Mary's HIPAA compliant teletherapy offers a chance to benefit from counseling in the comfort and safety of your home. Call Mary at (215) 297-8361 with any questions or to schedule your first video session.

Book a 50 minute teletherapy session with Mary for $125


Mary Understands How You're Feeling

Have you found yourself stuck at home? Or perhaps you have too many competing obligations? In 2020, it's best to seek an alternative to your current therapy sessions in a private office. Also, it might be the right time to start seeing a counselor because the stress in your life feels like more than you can handle alone. We are living in a difficult time where people can become more isolated and experience greater effects of anxiety and depression. When something unexpected happens like losing your job or being forced to spend most of the week at home, your whole world can change too quickly. You might have been feeling great about the progress you were making, and now everything feels like it has blown up in your face. Perhaps it is time to consider teletherapy.

Online therapy is for everyone.

Online therapy is a trend that millennials have been using for years because they are digital natives and it fits their busy lifestyle. Now, online therapy is becoming more appealing to all generations working from home or enjoying their retirement. In this post, Mary shares the many benefits of online therapy that she brings to clients, and, due to the pandemic, she will be focusing more on this delivery model.

Talk at your time regardless of location.

As a prerequisite, Mary prefers to talk with you a little bit. It's important to ensure that you're on the same page as your therapist in terms of scheduling and the intended focus of your sessions. Mary works to customize the therapy session for every client, helping you get the most out of each experience. If you are improving how you feel about your current mental state, then online therapy might be the long-term solution you need to bring your life back into balance.

Use video chat to remove barriers to getting the therapy you need.

Many patients in the U.S. who need counseling to manage their mental health are not able to get it due to the lack of therapists in their area and due to their schedules, transportation issues, medical or physical disability, distance, and other factors. When we arrange online therapy sessions, we take away those reasons why you or a loved one can't get the help that is truly needed.

Take control of your mental health.

The alternative to online therapy is waiting until it's feasible to meet again in person. As a counselor, Mary wants to help you improve your current state of mental health by working through problems one by one. Her goal is to help each client feel more independent, especially being able to control his or her fears and to achieve a better outlook on relationships. Whatever you are working on in therapy, be sure to use your time together to move from where you are now (mentally, physically, and emotionally) to where you want to be.

Feel safer and more relaxed at home.

Even after social isolation decreases, you will enjoy being in your home and talking to a therapist when it's convenient. In your home, you have control over the environment, there is no one coming and going from the office who might recognize you or wonder why you are there, and you feel safe. Mary has seen many patients open up more during online therapy because they feel like they can let their guard down and dive into the issues that bother them most.

Keep therapy positive!

The quality of interactions you can achieve in a web-based therapy model will depend in part on the attitude of your professional counselor. Honestly, Mary is excited to connect with more patients this way and help them start therapy or continue where they left off in the office. The goal is to keep your sessions positive and help you move forward despite all the chaos that is happening around you.

Make therapy part of your routine.

The best thing you can do during an economic downturn or another traumatic time in your life is to set a routine, include regular therapy sessions when you need them, and stick to your schedule as much as possible. Creating a sense of normalcy will help you cope better with difficult situations like Coronavirus-related social distancing.

Talking to someone will make you feel better.

Research has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as talk therapy, is proven to work. This means scheduling yourself to talk about what's concerning you for a limited number of sessions. Other evidence has shown that video therapy is a successful treatment methodology for anxiety, stress, and depression.

Know that your privacy is assured.

In the counselor-to-patient relationship, it is essential that you feel comfortable talking to her using virtual chat software. Mary is using HIPPA compliant video conferencing software that should prove to be convenient and discreet.

Mary Shull Offers Teletherapy Sessions

In March 2020, the world had to change its approach to socialization due to the Coronavirus. Mary is concerned that you and your family are feeling safe and supported during this difficult time. She is aware of how busy your schedule gets and that there will be many obligations interfering with your ability to work at home and care for everyone. Because so many life obstacles could get in the way, you deserve the convenience of online therapy.

Call (215) 297-8361 to get started.