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Do You Long for Peace As You Cope with Grief?

  • Have you recently lost a loved one?
  • Are you dealing with grief?
  • Are you raw with grief over the death of a child?
  • Have you lost a job, ended a significant relationship, or gone through a divorce?
  • Do you regret the last thing you said before your loss?
  • Do you feel empty and numb?
  • Do you find yourself unexpectedly crying throughout your day?
  • Do you think that coping with death is impossible?
We all cried when we were babies. But now that we're adults, many of us often try to hold back our tears in the belief that crying -- particularly at work or in public -- is seen as a sign of weakness, or as something to be ashamed of. But is it? Or is the act of shedding tears actually healthy?
Serusha Govender Serusha Govender

As you find yourself dealing with grief and bereavement it can make it impossible to feel good and function well. The death of a child, the death of a spouse, the death of a sibling, the death of a mother, the death of a father, may make day-to-day tasks feel draining, connecting with others may be challenging, and self-care can be easy to neglect. You may still be struggling to believe that your loved one is gone and feel depressed and tired, like you are moving through quicksand. You might lie awake at night, regretting missing that last phone call or neglecting that last 'I love you.'

After suffering a loss, it's not uncommon to wonder if you will ever feel joy again. You may feel alone in your pain, and the entire world may seem grim, gray, and empty. However, if you are longing for a way to find peace amidst pain, you are not alone.

Grief Can Be Helped, You Can Find Light in the Darkness

As humans, none of us are immune to loss. Throughout our lives, most people form relationships and build families. Because we love deeply, we experience all the joys of friendship and family. But, nothing lasts forever. Loss is part of life, however, that knowledge doesn't make grieving any easier. Often, loss impacts our lives when we least expect it. When grief knocks us off our feet, especially when it is due to the death of a child, it swallows us up and can make it feel impossible to ever live life fully again. Sometimes, we may feel like we have to bury our true feelings, put on a facade of strength, and 'move on.'

But, hiding your grief may only lead to further harm to the mind, body, and soul. As stress and sadness weigh on your heart, the feelings of grief can also weaken your immune system, as well as cause cardiac issues, high blood pressure, and other physical symptoms of pain.

Open Yourself Up to Healing

Although there is no exact recipe as you are coping with death and moving through the emotional pain of a loss, you make ask yourself: 'Where can I find a therapist who specializes in grief therapy?' I have 30 years of experience helping people find peace through grief counseling. As a certified bereavement therapist and therapist in Doylestown, Pa., I can help you in this journey of coping with death. While there is no set amount of time to grieve, I can help you learn to treat yourself with compassion as you navigate the emotional and physical impacts of your loss.

In our grief counseling sessions, I can help you work through the intense, overwhelming emotions you feel today and into a place where you want to live again. As a therapist in Doylestown, Pa., I can offer experience, empathy, and a comfortable office setting in which you can share honestly and openly.

I also offer Walk and Talk therapy in a lovely nature setting if you crave the soothing qualities of trees, sky, and wildlife. You can choose the option that makes you feel the most comfortable and supported. The sooner you take time to nurture yourself and understand your emotions, the sooner you can work through your pain, move past your regret, and live a full life again. Although you may be ready to find peace, you still may have questions or concerns.

Shouldn't My Feelings of Grief Be Over By Now?

Even if years have passed since the death of your child or the death of a loved one, you may still feel like you are drowning in despair. You might wonder if something is wrong with you. But there is no set time frame for grieving. Although our culture often wants us to hurry through emotions, we must allow ourselves time to heal. In our grief counseling sessions, I can help you take the time to be kind to yourself.

I'm Worried That Grief Counseling Will Make Me Appear Weak

Many people are alarmed by the intensity of their emotions especially after the death of a child but also in dealing with the death of any family member. Coping with death seems impossible and some may feel like no longer living. Some may feel that ignoring sadness and holding back tears will make them stronger. But feeling sad, scared, and lonely is a normal and healthy reaction as one copes with death and deals with grief. If you find yourself asking: 'Where can I find a therapist who can help me navigate my way through dealing with bereavement and coping with death?', I would ask you to consider my professional background. As a trained and certified bereavement therapist, I can lead you through your intense emotions. Through pain, you can find healing.

Is Grief Counseling Expensive?

I believe that the time and money dedicated to therapy is just as important as the time and money we spend on healthy foods or on treatment for physical ailments. A loss affects the mind, heart, and body. Your well-being is worth the monetary cost. In addition, many insurance carriers may reimburse you for therapy.

Allow Yourself to Grow Through Grief

While you may always miss those who have left, you need not spend your life in overwhelming sadness and regret. As you cope with death you will find that with time, support, and compassion, you can move into a place of comfort. You can find joy, peace, and purpose again. As you search for a therapist in Doylestown, Pa. or in surrounding areas, know that I am here for you.

I invite you to call me at (215) 297-8361 for a free 15-minute phone consultation or email me to learn more about my services.