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Walking During Therapy Sessions Helps Clear the Mind

The Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy

Traditional talk therapy takes place in a therapist’s office with a living room type setting. Usually, the patient sits comfortably in a chair or lies on a sofa. The therapist sits across from the patient. The idea of the traditional setting is to make a patient comfortable while talking out issues and situations. Now you have an option of walk and talk therapy. Is walk and talk therapy for you? Discover the benefits of this new therapy.

Walking is a Positive Activity

  • Healthy endorphins, the happy hormones, created by your body when you exercise.
  • Nature produces a meditative state in many patients.

Holistic and Spiritual

  • Walk and Talk Therapy is a Holistic approach which acts as a calming natural environment for a patient to feel comfortable while moving forward physically and mentally.
  • Spiritual and inner mindfulness is closely associated with natural outdoor settings walk and talk therapy takes place.
  • Walking with a therapist makes a patient feel closer and comfortable during each session.

Group or individual walk and talk therapy sessions, both serve healthy and therapeutic benefits. A patient and therapist establish a relaxed pace during the walk session. The rhythm of the walking pace establishes a talking pace and develops a comfortable relationship between patient and therapist.

When a patient in traditional talk therapy is at an impasse in therapy, often a move outside for a walk and talk changes the environment enough and opens up the patient’s thoughts. Breathing fresh air, feeling the sun, hearing birds and experiencing the outdoors, while walking, relaxes the patient’s mind enough to loosen the anxiety and allows natural conversation. When the clinical office experience becomes stifling the walk and talk therapy is an excellent remedy. The change of scenery, physical movement, casual atmosphere contribute to the success of walk and talk therapy.

The Outdoor Difference

  • Nature is ever-changing.
  • Feel the wind, sun and temperature change outdoors to establish the life-change thoughts in depressed, anxious and grieving patients.
  • The physical pain associated with depression, stress and anxiety go down during a walk as the body’s natural healing is released during exercise.
  • A natural setting is calming in contrast to the sterile office.
  • When a patient and therapist walk the heart rate increases, breathing faster and oxygen goes to the brain and makes thoughts clearer.

Develop a Close Connection with the Therapist

Walking and talking establishes a closer connection between therapist and patient. Strolling through a natural environment has a comforting effect. Walking while talking is establishing a tool for a patient when they are not able to make a therapy session. The patient learns that walking outdoors creates a mindset or thinking pattern. Eventually, the therapy helps the patient learn to use walking and the outdoors to think things through in a positive way.

Nature and Mind  

Being outdoors teaches patients how to open their minds. The walk and talk therapy sessions, designed to allow the natural outdoor setting to relax and calm the mind enough to connect to the rhythm of life and your life. Success comes to patients suffering from grief, trauma, depression and anxiety. You learn relaxation and trust again.

Take the first step to relief and find out how to walk and talk therapy can help you. Discover the benefits of walk and talk therapy. Let the outdoors in for a healthier outlook. Exercise, see the animals, feel the wind, hear the sounds of nature while talking to your own personal therapist. Learn tools to lessen your stress on a daily basis. Enjoy the endorphins, the talk, the good feeling of being outside. To talk to someone about the walk and talk therapy or further assistance please contact us for an appointment.

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