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At Some Point, Anxiety Will Be an Uninvited Disruption in Daily Life.

Eight Tips For People Dealing With Anxiety

At some point, anxiety will be an uninvited disruption in every person's daily life. Some will only deal with specific situations that cause different levels of anxiety, while others live with an unpleasant anxiety disorder. The good news is that dealing with anxiety (whether it is circumstantial, temporary, or a diagnosed disorder) does not have to be crippling or rob you of a quality life. With the proper professional help and implementation of healthy coping skills, anxiety can be effectively managed. For anyone battling anxiety, take a look at these eight tips that will help you with your anxiety.

Get to The Root of What's Causing the Anxiety

In many cases, people aren't certain why they are anxious or dealing with an attack. Make it a habit to carefully think through certain events or traumas that may have led to chronic anxiety or spouts of anxiety. Working with a professional counselor is exceptionally helpful when it comes to pinpointing what triggers the anxiety you are experiencing.

Explore Your Options And Discover Which One is Right For You

Some people thrive when they are taking doctor-prescribed medication for their anxiety. Others may not have a diagnosed disorder, but high levels of anxiety that disrupt their day. They might be better suited for other practices such as meditation, yoga, and a clean diet. Talk to a counselor to explore your options and determine which one will be most suitable for your unique situation.

Repeat Mantras to Help Eliminate Anxiety

When you first wake up in the morning, tell yourself things such as "I love and accept myself fully and completely". Fuel your brain with positive reinforcement to alter the way you think. Even something as simple as repeating mantras can give you confidence and strength in overcoming anxiety.


Anyone who has had an anxiety attack knows that laughing is not something they care to do in that moment. As difficult as it may seem to be, make it a point to laugh as often as possible. Even if it doesn't feel genuine at first, "fake it till you make it" and laugh at every opportunity. Surround yourself with friends you love, watch a funny movie, or play with a pet. Laughter will distract you from the anxiety and relieve some of the stress.

Practice Yoga

Countless people rave about their positive experiences with practicing yoga. Not only does yoga strengthen and relax the body, it strengthens and relaxes the mind. Breathing is a core part of yoga practice and the right instructor will teach you how to develop proper breathing patterns that you can implement in life. When you are dealing with anxiety, remember to take control of your breathing.

Sweat it Out

Taking up some form of consistent exercise is an immediate mood booster and will relieve a lot of stress and anxiety. Keep in mind that you should perform intense exercises rather than go for a leisure walk so that you are able to work up a powerful sweat. Consider a regular kickboxing class, hot yoga, or other sweat-inducing activity that will literally clear toxins out of the body and boost brain performance.

Practice Gratitude

Just like laughing, it can be hard to find a reason to be thankful about things in the midst of an anxiety attack. Try to start your day by listing the things you are grateful for such as food and other provisions, opportunity, family, friends, and a home. Shift your focus from the current problems you are facing to the things you already have and are thankful for.

Speak With Others About Anxiety

Far too many people have to deal with anxiety, but the good news is that everyone who has it can support each other. Find another person who deals with anxiety and talk to them about their struggles and yours. You will be refreshed by their support and the opportunity to connect with others who face the same thing.

For more advice on dealing with anxiety and to talk to a professional today, please contact me.

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