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If you don't make the time to calm your mind and your body, you will allow bad things to happen to your spirit.

Understanding the Spiritual Effects of Worrying

Is your spirit suffering due to excessive worrying? Is it hard to stop those negative voices from playing over and over in your head? This is a common problem for people of all ages and backgrounds. One reason that we worry is that we are constantly bombarded with too much information.

We receive frequent alerts from our phones; we get constant notifications about what's going on at work from our computers. It's hard to disconnect from technology altogether, but, sometimes, we need to spend more time alone and consider the spiritual side of worrying.

If you don't make the time to calm your mind and your body, you will allow bad things to happen to your spirit. The more you're stressed over time, the greater the damage.

The Connection Between Stress and Worry

On the one hand, you'll appreciate the need for positive thoughts because they will make the day easier. But, please also consider the effects of worry on the body.

When you're panicked, especially because of those worries recurring in your mind, your body stays in a high state of alert. The fight-or-flight condition means your heart rate and breathing are faster, and your body begins to secrete cortisol from the adrenal glands. It's not like you can send a signal to your brain to stop the worry and, therefore, shut down the cortisol production. However, there are tools you can learn in individual therapy with Mary Shull that help to control your worries. Set your goal to take back your life and spend more time doing what you love! Most importantly, your mind can unwind so you'll sleep better at night.

Understanding Your Connection to the Universal Consciousness

There is a spiritual side to worrying that you might not have considered. Try this simple test. Sit in your room, close your eyes, and try to clear your thoughts. Try to focus on your breathing only for five minutes or more. Don't have any music playing in the background. Resist the urge to look at your mobile devices. You might hear a dog barking or a truck driving by.

What comes to mind? Do the subjects of work, relationships, money, kids, or your health come to mind? Or, do you think about your relationship with yourself?

Regardless of your personal beliefs about the origin of the universe, you have a spiritual side to keep healthy. You can choose happiness for your spirit or to torment yourself daily with excessive worry.

Living in the Present vs. Living in the Future

A big part of the worry is overthinking things out of your control. Worry means that you're viewing yourself in a state of Lack. You fear something bad will happen to you in the future, or that you don't have enough to be happy right now. However, this mindset stops you from enjoying the present. You're giving needless energy to a future condition that hasn't happened yet. With worry, you're more likely to bring into fruition what you fear. You're putting yourself into a state of alert and hurting your body when you could be meeting a friend or writing in your journal.


There's no way to say this nicely. You, and only you, MUST take control of your mind! Allow yourself time to be alone, to feel content with how things are, and don't let the uncertain future stop you from making the most of today.

Accept That Things Are Often Out of Your Control

Do people call you a control freak? Do you need everything to be perfect in order to function at work? Do you have to constantly clean your home? The only thing you're missing is that things are mostly out of your control in the human experience. It's fine to look to meditation, organized religion, and other spiritual activities to see that there are many potential explanations for why we're here. However, the only one who controls how you relate to others and the external environment is you.

Your mindset affects every aspect of your life. If you accept that things are out of your control, then you give yourself the freedom to do the best you can do in each moment. You get to learn from your mistakes, not dwell on the past, find joy in the present moment, and let the future unfold as it will.

If the doctor told you that you had a month to live, you could spend it getting in touch with friends and family and achieving things on your bucket list, or you could feel miserable. Trust us, the days would pass just the same.

Get Out of Your Head!

You deserve the gift of life! You deserve to wake up in the morning, start with positive thoughts, feel like you will have a good day, and execute your routines. There will definitely be bumps along the way that will produce stress hormones.

There is no way to constantly keep yourself out of panic mode. There is no way to completely eliminate worry. If you get into talking to Mary, she will help you change your thought patterns.

Counseling is an individualized process. It starts by breaking down the biggest challenges affecting your day and compromising your mental and physical health. Then, Mary helps you choose to address the most pressing issues first.

Some patients need more sessions than others to learn the techniques to manage their worries. Others only need a few sessions to change their perspective on their mental health and get back on track.

Giving yourself permission to enter therapy is a huge step. You deserve to take care of yourself and make time to heal what's bothering you.

You deserve to be happy every day and stop living in the future or the past. Say goodbye to overthinking. It will never disappear, but it will become a bad habit to push aside because you have better ways to expend your mental and emotional energy. You're worth it, and your spirit deserves it!

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